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Lucinda Armstrong Hall

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Lucinda Armstrong Hall is an exciting young Australian actor to watch. She started acting professionally at age 9 after her first audition landed her a role in Annie the Musical. She's since won a rapid succession of roles in film, television and theater.

Lucinda's won her first Television role as Holly Hoyland in Neighbour's, her impressive acting secured her a role as a recurring guest in the show. Soon after Lucinda was cast in her first feature film role with Ethan Hawk and Sarah Snook in the Speirig brother's Predestination. Before Predestination had wrapped Lucinda was cast as Harriet Morgan, joining a stellar cast including Portia de Rossi, Lucy Fry, Ben Lawson and Hamish Blake - in Butler and Hope's Now Add Honey.

Lucinda has earned a reputation for her professionalism, versatility, ease with accents and ability to transverse genres. Her sunny nature and sense of humor endear her to the casts and crews she works with. She is a proud member of MEAA and AFI/AACTA. Look out for Lucinda in some exciting projects due for release next year.