Jenna Boyd

Jenna Boyd
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003)

Role: Sally Finney
Screen Time: 40%
Age: 9 years old
The Missing

The Missing (2003)

Role: Dot Gilkeson
Screen Time: 70%
Age: 9 years old


Jenna Boyd


Rating: 9 (8 votes)
Birth: 3/4/1993
Current Age: 28 years old


Jenna Boyd's Biography

Like many child actors, Jenna began her career with small roles in commercials. By the age of 9, Jenna had appeared in television shows such as Just Shoot Me, CSI and CSI: Miami, and Six Feet Under. For her film debut, Jenna played a small role in The Hunted as Loretta, the daughter of the estranged girlfriend of the main character. This film is where Dale and I first discovered Jenna, and she is both lovely and adorable, leaving you incapable of stifling your smiles.

From one of the deleted scenes of The Hunted

Shortly after, Jenna appeared in the series premiere of the dark and surreal television series Carnivàle. (Although her character appears in a later episode, the actress is, regrettably, not Jenna.) In this role, she plays an endearing young crippled girl who pushes herself about in a wagon. Fortunately, she has a happy ending.

Jenna as Maddy in Carnivàle

Jenna subsequently stars in a film with the mind-numbing and aggrivating David Spade called Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star. Jenna is precisely one of two reasons to see this movie, and although the movie is not particularly good, Jenna is very enjoyable to watch in it.
Her finest, and possibly most recognized role is in Ron Howard's film The Missing, where Jenna stars along side Evan Rachel Wood (Digging to China, Thirteen). Jenna's performance in this film allowed her to push her range and prove to the world that in addition to being a loveable kid, she can even act.

The Missing

Jenna also has a memorable role as Bailey in the enjoyable dramedy The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Her character is witty, charming, and stubborn, but we later discover an aspect to her that is both fragile and vulnerable and become emotionally connected to her.





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