Anastasia Zurkalova

Anastasia Zurkalova

Anastasia Zurkalova


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Birth: 10/23/1991
Current Age: 29 years old

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Anastasia Zurkalova's Biography

Nastia Zyurkalova (Анастасия Зюркалова) was born Oct. 23, 1991 in Kiev, where she lives to this day. Father Dmitry Zyurkalov - businessman. Mom - the world champion in gymnastics Oksana Omelyanchik, teaches at the Institute of Physical Education.

Nastia is a student in Kiev Gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages.
A few years visited an art studio, likes to engage in swimming, photography and drawing. At a casting studio «Bayrak» found by accident and after successfully passing the selection of the start of film. After the first performance in cinema she firmly decided to become a professional actress. Plans to enter drama class of the Kiev conservatory.





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