Conchita Campbell

Conchita Campbell


TV Show: Supernatural
Age: 11 Role: Maggie
Screen Time: 40%
The 4400

The 4400 (2004-????)

Role: Maia Rutledge
Screen Time: 20%
Age: 8 years old
Bob the Butler

Bob the Butler (2004)

Role: Basketball Girl
Screen Time: 2%
Age: 8 years old

Pursued (2004)

Role: Alison Keats
Screen Time: 15%
Age: 8 years old
Wilder Days

Wilder Days (2003)

Role: Lexy Morse
Screen Time: 8%
Age: 7 years old


Conchita Campbell


Rating: 9.33 (9 votes)
Birth: 10/25/1995
Current Age: 25 years old

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Conchita Campbell's Biography

Name: Conchita Campbell
Date of Birth: October 25th 1995
Age: 9 years old


There is an exlusive characteristic that artists strive their whole lives to realize. Some call it talent. Some call it genius. And some, like Conchita Campbell, simply own it. She sees her objective. She focuses on it. And then, she simply takes off after it. “The Banana Kid” rarely misses her mark.

Conchita Campbell is more than a fun loving, willful kid that loves to monkey around; she is capable of slipping into a broad range of roles so seamlessly and effortlessly that she has morphed into a much sought after commodity in the world of arts and entertainment. And she’s still just in elementary school. Born October 25th, 1995 in Vancouver British Columbia, Conchita demonstrated to her family from the earliest stages of her development that she had something special. Conchita is already certain of the path she longs to follow, and dedicates herself to daily commitments around dancing, acrobatics, swimming and acting. In fact, she is completely committed to her academic development as well, and enjoys being ‘the best’ at whatever she takes on. This includes competion of any assignments or school work she may be missing out on while on set. Conchita doesn’t like to miss out on anything.

Conchita has already sampled victory as the recipient of several top honours related to dance, and insisted to her mother that when they announced her dance team’s win over the loud speaker at a recent competition, she thought she heard the words, “And the Emmy goes to…..” Perhaps what she heard was portends of things to come.

For now, Conchita will continue to revel in her many experiences: trips with her family to Poland and Europe, working with favourite personalities like Christian Slater on the feature ‘Pursued’, teasing the life out of her on screen brother and sharing moments with Peter Falk on the M.O.W. ‘Wilder Days’, and supporting the work of fellow actors on ‘Just Cause’. She is thrilled to be working on Francis Ford Coppolla’s ‘The 4400”.

And of course, there is always her dancing. There is always winning. There is always the possibility of her next big adventure right around the bend on her chosen path. For this fearless, fifty three pound, athletic bundle of energy, all the world is a stage. And the stage is set for ‘the banana kid’ to make it big.





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