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Birth: ??/??/2002
Current Age: 18 years old

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Avalon started modeling at 6 months old. A photo of her was on her daddy's desk at work and a client of his who was an actor saw her and said "I know a great kids agency you should send her picture in and see what happens." The agency was Jetset. We sent the photo that was on the desk and Lindsay from Jetset called a couple of days later. After meeting her I felt like I had known her for years. She has a gift with making you feel like part of her family and I knew immediately this would be a great relationship.

Avalon has been with Jetset for 6 years now and asks almost everyday if she gets to work. She has a work ethic like no child I have ever seen. She also has a kind heart and truly loves all the clients she has worked with (see resume). Being in front of the camera in second nature to her, She shines on stage and says "I can't wait until I have my own tv show one day".

She follows direction very well and I don't know how at such a young age...she really understands the business. Avalon also has a brother Ryan 9 years old who is in the business and a brother Hunter 11 yrs old who wants to be a photographer. We are a very close family who support and love everything each other shows interest in. Having two older brothers gives her the best of both worlds....She will be swinging a sword in one had while pushing a baby stroller in the other

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