Savannah Davis

Savannah Davis


Savannah Davis


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Birth: 6/1/2000
Current Age: 20 years old

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Savannah Davis's Biography

Savannah Is 8 yrs old and has Lived in California all her life. She has 4 dogs named Boots, Wrangler, Lucy, and Casper, and a bird named Pax. She's home-schooled and is learning to play the piano, she's really good at it. She's also learning Spanish. Savannah loves to be around her family and friends, she dances, and loves Ballet and Jazz/Tap but doesn't have time to take all the classes as often as she would like. Her passions are drawing, singing and taking pictures, oh yeah and going to Disneyland once a week :). Savannah also has a younger Brother named Caleb whom she LOVES and protects. Her favorite food is bow-tie pasta with butter. Savannah is a Simply Sweet girl that just loves to love and to be loved. 




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California Costumes
Disguise Costumes x2
Imagination Costumes
Landsend x6
Palm Pilot
Mattel Boxes "Barbie Island Princess"
Mattel Boxes "Barbie Greenshouse"
Mattel Korea (Barbie)
Talbots x2
The Childrens Place x2

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P&G x2

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