Carrie Mullan

Carrie Mullan
Hideous Kinky

Hideous Kinky (1997)

Role: Lucy
Screen Time: 75%
Age: 5 years old


Carrie Mullan

Rating: 9.2 (4 votes)
Birth: ??/??/1991
Current Age: 29 years old


Carrie Mullan's Biography

Carrie made her film debut in "Hideous Kinky" next to Kate Winslet. Mullan, who indulged a precociously premature fascination with drama, attended music, acting and mime classes from the age of two. She has an extroverted and fearless nature; Carrie thrived among the doting filmmakers and fairy-tale locations in Marrakech. After "Hideous Kinky", she appeared in the movie "The Musketeer" as Mathilde in 2001, and in an episode of "Casuality" as Kylie in 2002. She has also done voice over work. Carrie is now (2006) 16 years old and lives in Bristol, England where she attends school.





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