Sarah Juel Werner

Sarah Juel Werner
Det som ingen ved

Det som ingen ved (2008)

Role: Bea
Screen Time: 40%
Age: 15 years old
To verdener

To verdener (2008)

Role: Elisabeth
Screen Time: 35%
Age: 15 years old

Drømmen (2005)

Role: Iben
Screen Time: 40%
Age: 12 years old
Ulvepigen Tinke

Ulvepigen Tinke (2002)

Role: Tinke
Screen Time: 90%
Age: 9 years old


Sarah Juel Werner


Rating: 9.1 (21 votes)
Birth: 7/27/1992
Current Age: 28 years old


Sarah Juel Werner's Biography

Sara Juel Werner started working in the film industry already as an 8-year-old, when she had her first leading role as Tinke in 'Little Big Girl'. Today, she is 16 years old and can boast an impressive line-up of films on her CV. Sara Juel Werner has among other things participated in the films 'The Inheritance', 'Brothers', 'We Shall Overcome', 'Worlds Apart' and most recently in the Danish thriller 'What No One Knows'.





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