Kelsey Lewis

Kelsey Lewis
Gilmore Girls

Lorelai's First Cotillion

TV Show: Gilmore Girls
Age: 10 Role: Caroline
Screen Time: 10%
Samantha: An American Girl Holiday

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday (2004)

Role: Nellie O'Malley
Screen Time: 65%
Age: 8 years old


Kelsey Lewis


Rating: 8.33 (3 votes)
Birth: 5/2/1995
Current Age: 26 years old


Kelsey Lewis's Biography

When she was just a babe of 2 years old, and while watching her favorite Disney video, The Lion King, her mom noticed that little Kelsey Lewis was memorizing lines and scenes. As her vocabulary increased, Kelsey was memorizing more and more. One year before she started Kindergarten, she decided to give the acting thing a try until she started school the following year. She and mom decided that if she got a job, that would be great, and if not, well then they were going to have a lot of fun trying along the way!

She booked her first job, a commercial for Organ Donors, and decided to try to keep the ball rolling. Since then she has shot a handful of commercials and when she was 7 got the job that took her to the next level.

She booked a music video entitled "Family Portrait" by Pink. After that started airing, is when Wendy Green at Abrams called to see if they could represent Kels. About a year and a half after switching to Abrams, Kelsey booked her first movie, "Samantha: An American Girl Holiday".

In Kelsey's free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends, riding her motorcycle, doing artwork and going to school.





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