Genevieve Buechner

Genevieve Buechner
Bob the Butler

Bob the Butler (2004)

Role: Tess Jamieson
Screen Time: 50%
Age: 12 years old
Saint Monica

Saint Monica (2002)

Role: Monica
Screen Time: 90%
Age: 10 years old


Genevieve Buechner

Rating: 8.6 (5 votes)
Birth: 11/10/1991
Current Age: 25 years old


Genevieve Buechner Biography

Genevieve Buechner was born in the city of Edmonton in the province of Alberta , Canada. She relocated with her single-parent mother, Tea Buechner, to Vancouver at the age of 2 years old. At the age of 9 after 5 years of pestering her mother agreed to allow her to try acting, but on the condition that Genevieve find her own funding, and do her own organization. Genna aranged to get a partial bursary from Local Theatre company "Vancouver Youth Theatre", and financed the rest with a gift from her grandparents. After one class she was spotted by director Heather Duff and asked to come to try-outs for a touring show called Kid's Writes. Her mother did not take Genevieve to the try-outs as she did not believe that their was any chance that Genevieve would be able to compete against children with years of experience. After the director personally called their home and asked where Genevieve had been, Tea took her to a personal audition with the director and Genna got accepted as the youngest memeber of the performing troop. At the closing performance of this three month tour, Genevieve was spotted by the president of Carrier Talent , Robert Carrier and was subsequently signed to Carrier Talent. Her very first audition for Film was for the lead role of Monica in a independent film called "Saint Monica". Afraid that she didn't look Porteguese enough for the role, Genna dyed her hair dark brown. After seven call-backs Genna was cast, and was flown to Toronto for a month with her mother and younger sister to film. The Film went on to win several awards at many World wide Film Festivals, Genevieve was flown to Berlin to participate in the International Berlin Film Festival, and to Toronto for the opening there. She also recieved a Leo Award nomination for Best Actress in a Lead Role for her performance. Since then she has worked with established actors like Luke Perry in the TV Show "Jeremiah", Anthony Michael Hall in the TV Show "Dead Zone", Canadian Actress Joelly Collins (Phil Collins daughter) in the TV Movie "Gillian Guess", and with famous Stars such as Robin Williams in "Final Cut" and Kirstie Alley in "A Matter of Family". At present, the movie "Final Cut" is showing at the Berlin Film Festival making it the second year in a row that a film cast with Genevieve Buechner has been accepted in to the renowned Festival.

Personally Genna lives at home in Vancouver with her mother- Tea Buechner, Her younger sister -Margot Berner, Her step-father, Jeff Ranger, and Dizzy Gillespie. She would like to one day work with actress Keisha Castle-Hughes from the movie Whale Rider. She also would love to get a part in a movie filming in Los Angeles one day as she has never been to Disneyland, and really wants to go.