Haili Page

Haili Page
The 4400

Wake Up Call

TV Show: The 4400
Age: 9 Role: Carrie
Screen Time: 5%


Haili Page


Rating: 10 (10 votes)
Birth: ??/??/1995
Current Age: 25 years old


Haili Page's Biography

Was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Her parents are Nadia and Garrett.

She is 11 years old.

Favorite Color: Pink

Love of Her Life: Her dog named Ewok!
(Looks just like an ewok in Star Wars!)

She is thrilled when she takes Ewok to the movie sets with her.

Haili has many hobbies! Some are:
Dirt Bike Riding

Haili loves to rake leaves in the Fall!

She did her first commercial when she was 4 years old.

Dream Movie: A Fun Magical Movie! (like Harry Potter)
(She is dying to be in a Disney movie!!)





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