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Dakota Jade


Dakota Jade


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Birth: 12/16/1998
Current Age: 22 years old

Dakota Jade's Biography

Adorable and talented Dakota Jade was born on december 16, 1998. Dakota is a totally foo-foo girl, although there are times she has been known to play with toy trains, toy cars, and get filthy playing in the mud! Dakota loves to play dress up and play with make up. She enjoys drawing, listening to stories, reading, watching movies, singing (making up her own songs especially), and dancing.

Dakota first became interested in acting after meeting child actress Morgan York (Cheaper by the Dozen/The Pacifier). Morgan visited Dakota's school and answered questions about the industry and told what it was like to be in a movie. This inspired Dakota to want to give it a try. Soon she was enrolled in on-camera acting classes. Her first actual filming experience was for a Public Service Announcement warning the dangers of children being run over by cars in their own drive way. She was cast as the lead child in a USC graduate film, playing Olivia the birthday girl. Dakota is fortunate enough to be represented by the Osbrink Agency, who represents a number of young stars including Dakota Fanning, Kyle Massey and Brie Larson.

Dakota has done several modeling jobs, both runway and print, but her favorite was as a flower girl for Venus Bridal. Recently, she just filmed the movie “Paranormal Hour”. It is to be Dakota's very first big movie experience. “Paranormal Hour” is an independent feature film targeted for the PG-13 crowd. Dakota plays 7 year old, Megan Shaw, the best friend of the lead character. Megan is a flashback to the lead character’s childhood memory. And that’s really all we can say, we don’t want to give too much away. Currently the film is categorized as in production mode as it is still being edited. We hope to see it out on the circuit sometime in 2007.

We know for sure that many more projects should be headed Dakota's way this year and we'll keep you posted as her career progresses. In the meantime, Dakota is super happy just being a normal second grader and a girl scout! She enjoys playing softball, skating, bike riding, gymnastics, hip hop dancing, singing (writing her own songs), and playing Monkey Ball & Super Mario Bros. on her Nintendo DS.





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