Summer Bollinger

Summer Bollinger


Summer Bollinger


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Birth: 10/1/2001
Current Age: 19 years old

Summer Bollinger's Biography

My name is Summer Ana-Marie Bollinger and I am 4 years old a lot of people tell me that I look about 5 or 6. I was born on October 1st 2001 in Victorville, CA were I still live today.

I have learned alot of stuff since i was born I already know how to write my first name, count to 13 and also say my abc's! My mommy has tought me alot and I catch on quick.

I always loved learning more things everyday and being around people who inspired me to do things that was a challenge I never wanted help on anything all I wanted was to be showed how to do it then Ii wanted to do it all on my own, ever since my mommy took me down to the photo shoots Ii loved and always want to go back I loved it when they did my make up and picked out what I was going to wear.

I love being around people, being around cameras, everytime my mommy gets the camera I am there waiting with a smile, I have no experience at this time but I wish to do alot more stuff as soon as I get known, I am on 4 different casting web sites now so hopefully someone will like to take the opportunity to be the first to train me on what needs to be done.. like I said I love a challenge and I am a fast learner my mommy always tells me that you have to start somewhere you just have to wait till that person comes that is willing to take the chance..





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