Shyann McClure

Shyann McClure

Premonition (2007)

Role: Megan
Screen Time: 20%
Age: 6 years old


Shyann McClure


Rating: 9.3 (3 votes)
Birth: 5/10/2000
Current Age: 21 years old

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Shyann McClure's Biography

Shyann McClure was born on May 10, 2000, in San Diego, California. Shyann started performing at the tender age of only 2 years old, in dance classes. Her teacher suggested that Shyann should look into acting. Shyann got an agent, and immediately started getting tons of print roles for magazines and advertisments.

In 2005, Shyann became the Welch's spokeskid, and after that became a household name when her Welch's Grape Juice commercials started appearing on the television. With her cute lines like, "Everybody looks good with a purple mustache" and "Really really!" you couldn't help but go out a buy a big 'ole bottle of that juice for yourself.

Shy has booked a second year of Welch's commercials, and has also filmed Premonition with Sandra Bullock, in which she will play Megan.

In her spare time, Shyann loves to be a normal little girl. She enjoys baking, playing with her younger sister Devyn and their dog Harley, and competitive dancing. So watch out Hollywood, Shyann McClure is on her way!





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