Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer
The Unit

The Unit (2006-????)

Role: Serena Brown
Screen Time: 15%
Age: 7 years old


Alyssa Shafer


Rating: 9.9 (1 votes)
Birth: 7/10/1998
Current Age: 23 years old

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Alyssa Shafer's Biography

Alyssa Jordan Shafer was born on July 10th 1998 in Los Angeles California. She started doing print works when she was 9 months old and booked her first comercial audition when she was 3 years old. She has appeared in over 30 commercials. When she turned four she got a part in the hit movie Daddy Day Care. A movie about two fathers that lose their jobs and decide to start their own day care center. Alyssa played Juel, one of the kids at the day care center. In 2004 she appeared in two tv shows, The Practice and Medical Investigation, and another movie. This time the Bill Crosby Movie, Fat Albert. In 2005 Alyssa appeared in the tv show Related and in the hit movie, along side Oscar Winning actress Reese Witherspoon, Just Like Heaven. Alyssa playd Reese's caracter, Elisabeth, little neece, Lily. In 2006 she will appear in another new movie called Happy Feet. Happy Feet also starres Nicole Kidman, Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy, Elijah Wood and Hugh Jackman. She also has a recurring part in a new CBS tv show called The Untit, where she plays the daughter of Bob and Kim Brown, Serena. Alyssa also does ballet and has appeared in a christmas production of the nutcracker. Alyssa has two younger brothers, Nick (also an actor) and Carter.





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