Katya Berger

Katya Berger
Nana: La vera chiave del piacere

Nana: La vera chiave del piacere (1982)

Role: Nana
Screen Time: 80%
Age: 15 years old
Piccole Labbra

Piccole Labbra (1978)

Role: Eva
Screen Time: 75%
Age: 11 years old


Katya Berger

Rating: 6.77 (39 votes)
Birth: ??/??/1966
Current Age: 54 years old


Katya Berger's Biography

Born in London, England 1966 to a family rich in artistic talent, Katya Berger was destined to follow in the footsteps of her parents. Her father was legendary Austrian actor William Berger, and her mother talented Croatian songwriter/actress Hanja Kochansky. With roots like that, expectations of talent were only natural for this beautiful, dark haired girl with deep, stunning eyes that could melt you in a second. Before even graduating into full bloom teenage years, Katya followed the path of her father into film, and soon she began taking serious roles at a very fragile age.
At only 12, Katya landed her first big part, and perhaps one of her best films to date, taking the top billing as Eva in Mimmo Cattarinich's Italian/Spanish post-WW2 drama PICCOLE LABBRA (1978) (LITTLE LIPS), a challenging film about a war veteran who finds new reason to live after traumatic experiences when he falls for a 12 year old girl (played by Katya). Certainly a heavy role for a little girl to dive into. From there she would get her feet wet on U.S. shores, taking on a smaller role as Raf Vallone's daughter in Michael Ritchie's romantic comedy AN ALMOST PERFECT AFFAIR (1979). It was in Italy though where Katya Berger would be easiest recognized and attain her most success in film, and there, much like father William, is where she would continue experiencing the life of an actor for the majority and remainder of her short career.
1982 would be a particularly defining year for the now 16 year old Katya, landing good roles, one a starring lead, in two very different corners of film. One very bloody, the other almost a coming out of sexual expression for her. Aristide Massaccesi's ROSSO SANGUE (ABSURD) saw her take her first and only steps into the horror genre, coming out all gore-drenched with her kid brother Kasimir Berger in tow, running terrorized from an ANTROPOPHAGUS patterned Luigi "George Eastman" Montefiori. The other was a much larger role, playing the part of the seductive nymph and title character for Dan Wolman's NANA: LA VERA CHIAVE DEL PIACERE, a role that became more comfortable for Katya with her father's assistance and support, and the warming presence of her older sister Debra Berger, who portrayed the part of Satin in the film. Katya quickly shed any qualms about strutting around in the buff, alluring men in the film over half her age, like Jean-Pierre Aumont and a drooling Yehuda Efroni. Katya Berger had gone from an inexperienced little girl, to a young woman finding herself before our eyes in the span of four short years.
Apparently Katya Berger wanted more out of life than just a film career, and unfortunately for those getting to know her on the screen, her last film would come a year later in 1983 - Jean-Jacques Beineix's French/Italian LA LUNE DANS LE CANIVEAU. A showcasing role for another young up and coming temptress of the time, Nastassja Kinski, but a rather quiet role compared to some of her others for Katya. She dropped out of the scene following this in 1983 at 17 years of age. The Berger film legacy was to be carried on however, as younger brother Kasimir would continue making small film appearances through 1984 and '85, Debra would play the odd supporting part in the U.S., and of course William would remain active right up until his death in the early nineties.
Katya Berger now lives in New York City and is happily married with a young child.

NOTE: The IMDb, Yahoo, and many childstarlet sites are wrong about Katya's birthdate and -place. Instead of being born in 1964 in Munich (!?) - she was born in a London hospital in 1966. For more info contact ALIPTES.





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