Petra Lämmel

Petra Lämmel
Sabine Kleist, sieben Jahre

Sabine Kleist, sieben Jahre (1982)

Role: Sabine Kleist
Screen Time: 95%
Age: 7 years old


Petra Lämmel

Rating: 7 (1 votes)
Birth: ??/??/1974
Current Age: 46 years old


Petra Lämmel's Biography

Petra Lämmel was born in Berlin in 1974; in the summer holidays following her first year at school, she was discovered by Helmut Dziuba for the main part in the film SABINE KLEIST, AGED 7 … Although she refers to the shooting of the film as “one of the happiest and most important phases” in her life, even today, she made a conscious decision not to act in a film again. One reason for this was that she had difficulty coping with being the focus of public attention at the age of eight. After completing ten years of school, Petra Lämmel initially trained as a nursery-school teacher, but then qualified as a dental technician.

Today Petra Lämmel lives with her family in Berlin.





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