Judith Vittet

Judith Vittet
La Cité des enfants perdus

La Cité des enfants perdus (1995)

Role: Miette
Screen Time: 70%
Age: 10 years old


Judith Vittet

Rating: 9.9 (10 votes)
Birth: 12/??/1984
Current Age: 36 years old


Judith Vittet's Biography

Judith Vittet was 9 years old when she was cast as Miette, out of hundreds of contenders. She had been discovered at age 5 by a casting director, but did not act in a film until age 9, in the film "Nobody Loves Me." "The City of Lost Children" was a far more ambitious production, and one that she was eager to be a part of. Judith says that she "learned a lot during filming," watching the various craftspeople: "the make-up artists, the hairdressers, the property men...I loved it all! It's like a family that is there all day long, always in good spirits."

Judith credits Jean-Pierre Jeunet with shaping her portrayal of Miette: "He stopped me from doing little gestures, from having little tics...That's why Miette seems strong and tough. I am less strong than Miette is." The less-is-more approach brought Judith at least one fondly recalled epiphany: "Once during filming, I did a little smile. When I saw it on the screen, it was much more moving, much more beautiful than what I believed I had done."

"I will never forget having been Miette," says Judith, adding, "I do not know if I want to be an actress. I would very much like to be an archaeologist." The shooting schedule caused Judith to miss a semester of elementary school, but she has since caught up. One bonus from doing the film was that memorizing and repeating her dialogue helped Judith with her poetry studies back at school. Judith's hobbies include writing, drawing, dance, gym, hiking, and going to movies (especially if Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, or Robin Williams is in them). Judith lives in Paris.

From the French Wikipedia:
Après quatre films, elle a mis un terme à sa carrière pour poursuivre ses études cinématographiques à Paris VIII et se consacrer au théâtre.

NOTE: again, the IMDb record of Judith is wrong. She was born in 1984 instead of 1986.. for more info contact ALIPTES





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