Emma Jane Prescott

Emma Jane Prescott


Emma Jane Prescott


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Birth: 8/7/1998
Current Age: 22 years old


Emma Jane Prescott's Biography

On October 7, 1998, a precious little star was born by the name of Emma Jane Prescott. When she was just 2 years old, she landed a commercial for a company called 'Mission: Ressianance' and started to model. Little did she know, that she was soon on her way to stardom.

Her first 'big' performance on television was on the hit show NUMB3RS where she played a 5 year old daughter who gets kidnapped from her birthday party. She has light brown, hair and beautiful brown eyes. When she’s not acting, modeling, going to school, taking dance, fine art and ceramics lessons, she listens to Linkin Park and plays basketball with her older brothers. The things she most likes to do is model, act, play 7-card Texas Holdem’ poker, and is currently taking ice skateing lessons.

Her next move into show biz was when she landed a small role on Must Love Dogs. Even though she had no dialouge, she was still adorable to watch.

Then, she landed the role of Kallie in Good Time Max, a story about two genius brothers who grow up and grow apart as one becomes a successful surgeon and the other pursues a drug-fueled high life. (summary from Imdb) Next, she landed a role in the short film Imaginary Friend which is currently showing at film festivals around the United States.

Recently, she landed the role of Violet Sheafer in the new NBC series called Windfall, which is about 20 people who put money into buying some lottery tickets, and win over $386 million. Emma is in all the episodes (that are listed here on Elegant Emma) of this new series and has a co-starring role in the show. It is currently airing on NBC. Emma is not in the first two episodes that much, but her role does get bigger after "The Getaway" (the second episode) airs, so really tune in to see more of Emma.

She may only be 3"11 but shes full of talent to make up for it!





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