Olivia Ballantyne

Olivia Ballantyne
Samantha: An American Girl Holiday

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday (2004)

Role: Jenny O'Malley
Screen Time: 15%
Age: 5 years old


Olivia Ballantyne


Rating: 9.83 (6 votes)
Birth: 4/10/1998
Current Age: 23 years old


Olivia Ballantyne's Biography

Olivia Ballantyne's young career has been busy and varied. First appearing in commercials for Advil, Sears, Ameriquest, Dairy Queen, Diet Pepsi and many more, she has also landed roles on a variety of film and television projects.

These have included the popular TV series "Life With Derek" (as Marti's friend Brooke), the CBS miniseries "The Hades Factor" (with Stephen Dorff and Mira Sorvino), YTV's "Dark Oracle", Lifetime's "Missing", PAX network's "Doc" and CBC's groundbreaking legal drama "This is Wonderland".

Most notably, Olivia played the role of Jenny O'Malley in the WB's TV movie, "Samantha: An American Girl Holiday"; based on the bestselling books and dolls for young girls. Olivia won a Best Supporting Actress Young Artist Award (2005) for her portrayal of Jenny.

Her feature film debut is in the soon-to-be-released thriller "Troubled Waters" (as Megan Waters, with Jennifer Beals).

Another recently completed film, "Roxana", has been selected for competition in the prestigious FIPA festival in Biarritz. It will also be the premiere film to kick off the Moving Pictures Festival in Toronto in November 2006.





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