Raquel Castro

Raquel Castro
Jersey Girl

Jersey Girl (2004)

Role: Gerti
Screen Time: 55%
Age: 9 years old


Raquel Castro

Rating: 6.43 (7 votes)
Birth: 11/17/1994
Current Age: 26 years old


Raquel Castro's Biography

Raquel Castro was born on November 17, 1994 in New York. She is the fourth of five children. Raquel might as well been born into stardom, because both of her parents are singers/songwriters and singer/actresses. Her younger brother David stars along side her in the movie, The Little Fugitive. Raquel can not only act, but she can sing also. Other than her breakout role in Jersey Girl, Raquel also has a few other credits to her name, The Little Fugitive with her brother, guest spots on NBC's long running drama Third Watch as little Moira Kenney, and a guest appearance on Law and Order Special Victims Unit as Emma Boyd, the girl who stabbed a kid for teasing her relentlessly about her same-sex parents. Raquel lives on Long Island in New York and is currently in the 6th grade.





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