Najarra Townsend

Najarra Townsend
Me and You and Everyone We Know

Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005)

Role: Rebecca
Screen Time: 25%
Age: 15 years old


Najarra Townsend

Rating: 9.5 (6 votes)
Birth: 12/5/1989
Current Age: 31 years old


Najarra Townsend's Biography

From as soon as she could walk and talk Najarra has been dancing, singing and performing.

By age three she was doing runway modeling for designer clothing.

By the age of four she was performing with Showstoppers Children's Theater, and performed with them in more than 25 productions for the public.

At the age of seven she was in "Jane Eyre" the musical, with SBCC Theater Group, receiving 5 college credits for her participation. That same year she was in "Taming of the Shrew" with Santa Barbara Real Shakespeare Company, and also played the part of "Fan" in "Scrooge" for Seaside Theater, going on to perform it for 2 seasons.

Her love for theater continued and by age ten she had been in 3 Gilbert & Sullivan productions, 4 Shakespeare, and many musical comedy and dramatic productions . . . .Alice in "Alice in Wonderland"; Susan Walker in "Here's Love" (musical version of Miracle on 34th Street), and many others.

In her 10th and 11th years she was Rhoda Penmark in "Bad Seed"; Fern in "Charlotte's Web" and Baby June in "Gypsy" to name a few.

At age ten she also started in films. Her first was as a lead in a suspense/horror film "Menace" (quite an experience), and she has gone on to do many films, from deep drama to light comedy.

All through these years she has also kept very busy with several performance companies, with modeling, as well as theater and films.

In 2004, at age fourteen, she studied with LA Talent Academy at the Musicians Institute, continued doing theater and films, performing with "LA Hip Kids" and working on an album with her group "Flavor" - she even squeezed in teaching dance and cheerleading classes. In March she appeared at the Laguna Playhouse, receiving rave reviews, in "Cut", a riveting emotional drama about some very real and serious psychological pressures & struggles facing many of today's teenagers. Najarra dyed her hair black for her character of a gothic self-injurer. She had a lively 3 month run at the world famous Brown Derby in Buddy Bregman's "Capone - The Musical", inspired by the BBC television production of Chicago in the roaring twenties.

She appeared in Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005), which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2005 and was released in theaters in mid 2005.

She started 2005 with the same momentum. By the end of May she completed 4 more films and spent a week in France at the Cannes Film Festival. Ongoing she is continuing to perform with LA Hip Kids and at the LA Talent Academy, she is also currently working on a solo album of original songs.





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