Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman
Hope Floats

Hope Floats (1998)

Role: Bernice Pruitt
Screen Time: 60%
Age: 9 years old


Mae Whitman


Rating: 8 (5 votes)
Birth: 6/9/1988
Current Age: 33 years old


Mae Whitman's Biography

Mae began her acting career at the age of three, impressing casting directors by charging in on her mother's commerical audition and telling her off because she was bored! A week later Mae went for her own audition, and booked her first job for Tyson's Chicken commercial.

In 1994, Mae booked her first movie in the much acclaimed film When A Man Loves A Woman, opposite Meg Ryan, as the adorable youngest daughter of a family experiencing a break up over alcohol abuse. Over the next year, Mae appeared in 3 movies, including the hilarious "Bye, Bye Love".

In 1996, Mae claimed the role as the presidents daughter in the smash hit Independence Day, which placed her in the lime light. That same year, at the age of 8, Mae landed a critical role oppsite Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney in the romantic comedy One Fine Day. She also guessed starred on Friends that December, as Sarah Tuttle, a little girl who Ross helps achieve her dream of going to space camp.

The rest of the 90s were incredibly busy for young Mae. Appart from landing the recurring role on the hospital drama "Chicago Hope" from 1996 to 1999, Mae also appeared in the movies The Gingerbread Man, the aclaimed Hope Floats, and A Season For Miracles. At the time, Mae enjoyed collecting beanie babies and keyrings, riding her horse Grunt, and playing with her pets Leonore, A.C and Kramer. Although busy with her career, Mae still had time to make appearences on The Rosie Show, and Jay Leno- who gave her the gift of a water turtle she named Leslie!

In 2001, Mae landed the leading part of Emma Grace McKee in the TV Series "A State Of Grace", the role which she is probably best known for. She starred opposite Alia Shawkat, with whom she still remains good friends. That same year, she appeared in the movie American Rhapsody.

Not only is Mae a fine actress, but she is also a very talented voice over performer. Her voice can be heard in a number of cartoons, including the TV Shows "Johnny Bravo", "Teacher's Pet", "Fillmore!", and movies including and "American Dragon: Jake Long", and well as the movies Teacher's Pet, The Wild Thornberrys Movie and EverQuest II. She has also guest-starred in a number of TV shows, including "Providence", a recurring role in "Jag", a breathtaking performance on "Cold Case" in 2004, and an 11 episode guest appearence on the tv series "Arrested Development", which she wrapped up in April 2005. If Arrested Development is picked up for a third season, we can look forward to seeing more of Mae as the colorful character "Ann".

Mae is currently filming the voice-role of Tara in Firedog. She will also be appearing in the new TV Series "Thief", which is set for screening in November this year.





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