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Anaïs Lameche


Anaïs Lameche


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Birth: 8/19/1987
Current Age: 34 years old


Anaïs Lameche's Biography

Anaïs Helena Lameche (born August 19, 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden) was an original member of the Swedish pop group Play from the band's formation in 2001 to its disbanding in late 2004.

Anaïs was asked to join Play by Play's manager, Laila Bagge, who discovered Anaïs at her dancing school. Anaïs' older sister, Amanda Lameche, had already worked with Laila Bagge and had released a pop record in the United States.

In Play, Anaïs sang alto harmonies and some solos. She was the oldest member of the band. Recently, Anais has tried her hand at modeling.

Full Name: Anaïs Helena Kretz Lameche(19)

Birthday: August 19th, 1987

Siblingss: One older sister Amanda & 3 younger half sisters

Pets: 1 Chihuahua, Maddox

Hair color: Champagne blonde

Eyes: Green

Favorite Color: Pink (!)

Favorite artist: gosh soo many...

Favorite food: Seafood, Sushi

Favorite ice cream: Peanut butter cup

Favorite word or phrase: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

What time does your alarm clock go off?: 7am

Favorite subject in school: Nothing in particular..

What do you do when you're bored?: I cuddle with my dog

Favorite clothes: Shoes and purses..does it count?

What's your biggest fear: World war..

Crush: Private

Favorite Song: Splender - I think God Can Explain

Favorite Movie: Zoolander

Favorite Book: The Da Vinci Code

TV Show: Amish in the City

Favorite Sport: Tennis

Favorite Clothing Accessory: Watches..

Favorite Make-up Accessory/color: Bronzer blush

Hobbies: (exept for singing) Design

Favorite Cause/Important Issue: Kids in Africa...

Biggest Influence in life: Mother and Sister

This information is as of January '05.





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