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Anna Sundstrand


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Birth: 2/2/1989
Current Age: 32 years old


Anna Sundstrand's Biography

Anna Maria Carolina Sundstrand (born February 22, 1989) is a Swedish singer and model. She was an original member of the Swedish pop group Play from the group's formation in 2000 to its disbanding in late 2004.

Anna was selected to be a part of Play by Laila Bagge, who owned a dance studio in Sweden called 'Sway' in which Anna was enrolled. She is a relative of the Swedish actress Greta Garbo. Up until Janet Leon joined Play after original member Faye Hamlin left the group, she was also the youngest member of Play.

Since Play's disbanding, 170 cm (5 ft 7 in) Anna began a modeling career, signing with Model Management Group based in New York City (the same agency to which her bandmate Rosie Munter has signed) and posing for a 2006 calendar being marketed to the same audience that followed Play. Additionally, she has been exploring a solo singing career. She has performed several times with Chris Trousdale, a former member of boy band Dream Street. Her debut album is expected to be released in 2007.

Sundstrand was most often heard singing the middle harmony/melody line of Play songs, but sometimes she also sang the higher harmonies. On various performances of the song "Don't Stop The Music" from Play's album Don't Stop the Music, Sundstrand sang the higher harmony while fellow member Rosie Munter sings her solo.
Full Name: Anna Maria Carolina Sundstrand(18)
Birthday: February 22 1989
Siblings: one older brother.
Hair color: still Blond;)
Eyes: blue/green
Favorite Color: PINK! just love it!
Pets: no:(
Favorite Artist: to many to choose from! haha:)
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite ice cream: sorbet:D
Favorite word or phrase: could have, would have, should have!
What time does your alarm clock go off?: depends on what day it is:P
Favorite subject in school: English
What do you do when you're bored: call a friend or eat ice cream!
Favorite clothes: cute dresses:)
What's your biggest fear?: to lose someone i love:(
If you could be any animal, what kind of animal would you be?: it would be really cool to fly.... so i have to say a bird!
Favorite animal: horse
Celebrity Crush: Chad michael murray! he´s hot! haha
Favorite Song: A new day has come Celine Dion
Favorite Movie: The notebook ( What a great lovestory!:))
Favorite book: go and ask alice
Favorite TV Show: top model
Favorite Clothing Accessory: bracelets
Favorite Make-up Accessory/color: lip gloss
Hobbies: dancing
Favorite Cause/Important Issue: homeless children.
Biggest Influence in Life: My family!:D
This information is as of June '05.





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