Amy Bruckner

Amy Bruckner
Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew (2007)

Role: Bess
Screen Time: 50%
Age: 15 years old
Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future (2004-2006)

Role: Pim Diffy
Screen Time: 60%
Age: 12 years old


Amy Bruckner


Rating: 7.75 (4 votes)
Birth: 3/28/1991
Current Age: 30 years old


Amy Bruckner's Biography

Amy Bruckner was born Amelia Ellen Bruckner, she has one sister, Annye and she also has a Australian Cattle Dog named Matilda [tilly for short]. Amy is 5'2, use to star as Pim Diffy in the Disney Channel hit tv show "Phil of the Future", lent her voice for "American Dragon: Jake Long" as Haley Long, Jake's younger sister.

Amy has appeared in 7 tv shows. The West Wing, Oliver Beene, ER, Ally McBeal, Regular Joe, Judging Amy and Malcom in the Middle. She has also appeared in a few movies, Rage Control, They Are Among Us and Rebound. She has also done a anime movie, Tokyo Pig, which is about a boy and a pig..whatever the boy imagined the pig will bring it to life but it was cancelled.

Amy currently lives in Georgia. *In Amy's free time she loves to sing and dance to Rock and Jazz, she enjoys tapdancing, Swimming, Mountaining Bike Riding and curling up with a great book!





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