Eulala Scheel

Eulala Scheel
Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure (2005)

Role: Nan Merriman
Screen Time: 15%
Age: 6 years old


Eulala Scheel

Rating: 8 (2 votes)
Birth: 9/??/1998
Current Age: 22 years old


Eulala Scheel's Biography

Born Eulala Grace Scheel in September of 1998 to parents Marcia Gay Harden and famous filmmaker Thaddaeus Scheel, she has always loved acting since she was a very young child. Her speaking debut as "Nan Merriman" received acclaim and, at the very tender age of 7, she already has a fan base. Her first real debut was with her mother (who received an Oscar for her performance) in Pollock (2000), in 2000. Eulala is in the first grade and has done very well in her school subjects and particularly loves English. She is happy to finally be a big sister of one year old twins Hudson and Julitta Dee who were born on 22 of April 2004 in New York. Her mother and Eulala also performed at the Olney Theatre in Olney, Maryland for a time before they hit it big. She enjoys playing soccer, learning to write well, and playing with her full collection of American Girl dolls at their home in La Jolla, California.





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