Lindze Letherman

Lindze Letherman
Virginia's Run

Virginia's Run (2002)

Role: Virginia Lofton
Screen Time: 85%
Age: 13 years old


Lindze Letherman


Rating: 6 (1 votes)
Birth: 11/2/1988
Current Age: 32 years old


Lindze Letherman's Biography

Lindze started her acting career at age 6 playing Dorothy in her 1st grade class version of the Wizard of Oz. She went on to professional theater playing Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol and Marta in The Sound of Music. In her biggest movie role to date as Virginia Lofton in Virginia's Run (2002), Lindze not having prior equestrian skills, dedicated herself for 6 months to learn to ride and handle horses. Her goal was to make a movie with horses and not use any animatronics. It paid off. Lindze has maintained her love for horses, she owns 2 horses and rides almost daily. Lindze's love for animals doesn't end with horses. During the filming of "Virginia", a stray sickly yellow lab showed up on set. Through her insistence the dog was given medical attention, stayed with Lindze and her Mom and at the end of filming with the help from the local law enforcement and veterinarian, Jordan (the dogs new name), flew home with Lindze to her home in Bakersfield CA.





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