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Blood In, Blood Out

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Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz

Screen Time: 25%
Role: Violet
Age: 6 years old


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Episode: Blood In, Blood Out


Nick 's future at the firm is about to be voted on, as Nick awaits the verdict on his future he takes on two cases that involve two boys. The first boy Nick defends is Kevin Brown who is accused of raping a girl who became pregnant with a baby.

The second boy Nick defends is a young boy who attacked an 8 year-old girl and attacked a social worker who was trying to place him in a foster family. The boy was placed in a center that was supposed to help rehabilitate the boy into society.

Alvin defends a former client of LSP named Taliek Allen. Alvin defends a former client of LSP named Taliek Allen who fired his attorney. Taliek Allen shot a friend of Alvin's. He tries to get his client's sentence appealed.

Alvin's client says he is tired of going through the appeals process to get his prison sentence reduced.





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