A Far Off Place

A Far Off Place
Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Screen Time: 80%
Role: Nonnie Parker
Age: 16 years old


A Far Off Place



Rating: 7.38 (8 votes)
Directed: Mikael Salomon
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance


In this 1993 Disney adventure, Reese Witherspoon and Ethan Embry are two young survivors of an African massacre. She is the daughter of a game warden; he is a sulky teen visiting his dad. When poachers do in the adults, the kids hotfoot it across the Kalahari Desert, aided by Witherspoon's young bushman pal (Sarel Bok). They have to cross about 1,000 miles of forbidding territory, all the while chased by nogoodnik Jack Thompson. The kids face down danger, have a few excessively cute escapades, and learn about their capacity for survival--and goodness. The highlights of the film are the lush cinematography and exotic locales of Zimbabwe and Namibia. Though this is a Disney production, it is too violent and intense for young children. It is based on the books "A Story Like the Wind" and "A Far Off Place", by Laurens Van der Post. --Rochelle O'Gorman

Movie Reviews

A Far Off Place

An updated but old-fashioned eco-adventure (from Laurens van der Post's A Story Like the Wind and A Far Off Place), with the accent on the adventure. Teens Witherspoon and Randall don't get on at the start but end up in love. The elements include ruthless poachers; a craggy game warden (Schell), irate at the villains for slaughtering not only elephants but the teens' parents; a wise African guide (Bok); and a trek across the Kalahari. A cameraman's directorial debut; handsome and quite sincere. AO

Source : Time Out Film Guide 13







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