Charlotte Berden

Charlotte Berden

Screen Time: 35%
Role: Corinne
Age: 8 years old





Rating: 7 (4 votes)
Directed: Marc Didden
Country: Belgium
Language: English / French / Dutch
Genre: Drama


Klamski is a stateless United Nations refugee. He is on his way to Istanbul. Right after his arrival in Ostend, he meets Willy (27), who is a student. They decide to go to Istanbul together. While travelling across Belgium, a friendship develops between the two men. However, the day Willy discovers a press clipping revealing Klamski's real identity, their friendship gets a little troubled. On their way, they are picked up by Joseph, a strange and sad used cars dealer. His wife has left him for an Italian, taking their little daughter Corinne (8) with her.. Klamski and Willy kidnap the child. They take her to a place in Luxemburg, previously arranged with the father, and receive the money which enables them to get to Istanbul from him There will be a happy ending - not for everybody, though.





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