Vierka Aneb Zahada Zmizeni Rodiny B.

Vierka Aneb Zahada Zmizeni Rodiny B.
Vierka Berkyová

Vierka Berkyová

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Vierka
Age: 13 years old


Vierka Aneb Zahada Zmizeni Rodiny B.

Vierka, or The Mystery of Family B’s Disappearance (International: English title)
Rating: 8.67 (9 votes)
Directed: Miroslav Janek
Country: Czech Republic, The Netherlands
Language: English, Czech
Genre: Documentary, Reality


When Czech singer Ida Kelarová meets the young Roma singer, Vierka Berkyová, she discovers an extraordinary and vibrant talent. Determined to develop her musical abilities and career, she brings her and her family from their home in Slovakia to live in the Czech Republic. They are encouraged to learn new routines and develop their lives in a variety of 'productive' ways. Then, one day they disappear without trace. What began as a document about Vierka develops into a mystery. Director Miroslav Janek (editor of Powaqqatsi) manages to trace them and provides an explanation of sorts. What the film records is the meeting of two ways of life, where the Roma parents seek to maintain their family links, where singing in the local bar counts for more than celebrity. It's a compelling film that discovers its own narrative, observes without concluding and allows viewers to form their own judgments.





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