Laurien van den Broeck

Laurien van den Broeck

Screen Time: 85%
Role: Mariken
Age: 11 years old





Rating: 8.5 (2 votes)
Directed: André van Duren
Country: Belgium, The Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Genre: Adventure, Family, Historical


Fairytale-like youth film after Peter Gestel's book, loosely based upon the medieval miracle play Mariken van Nimwegen. Master Aesculaap is assigned by the countess to chase the eccentric quack Archibald from the city. Archibald withdraws to the Waanwoud, where he finds a baby one day: Mariken. He teaches her how to eat porridge and gives her some wise lessons. When a vagabond steals their goat, Mariken decides to get a new one in the city, where she gets involved in a great adventure. She meets the God-fearing Zwarte Weeuw, who is keeping her cousin prisoner and meets a pageant player who is dressed up as the devil and takes her to his company. When Mariken accompanies the pageant players to the castle of the chilly, childless countess, the latter is so enchanted with the upright little girl that she wants to adopt her.





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