Charlotte For Ever

Charlotte For Ever
Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Screen Time: 75%
Role: Charlotte
Age: 14 years old


Charlotte For Ever

Rating: 7.29 (7 votes)
Directed: Serge Gainsbourg
Country: France
Language: French
Genre: Drama


Stan is a screenwriter who has seen much better days. He is currently agonizing over his daughter, Charlotte (Charlotte Gainsbourg) . Charlotte blames him for the death of her mother in an accident. Stan vents his feelings on anyone who will listen -- a gay friend, a low-life movie producer, a repulsive prostitute, and two young women his daughter's age. Nothing seems to help, not even the twist at the end that is supposed to solve his problems

Movie Reviews

A must have, 27 June 2005

Author: freeintexas903 from IMDb

"I have no idea why anyone would not find this movie just short of great, I can't rave on and on but I assure you that this movie is well worth watching, owning, collecting and so forth. I gave it a 10 because the acting was so realistic and that my fellow film watching friends is the key word in any movie I assure you, Charlotte Gainsbourg's nudity did not hurt this film either, she is built to the hilt, hey I don't lie here OK? Get it and don't listen to these sticks in the mud that is always downing something. This movie is coming back soon on Amazon I hope."







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