Het Paard van Sinterklaas

Het Paard van Sinterklaas
Ebbie Tam

Ebbie Tam

Screen Time: 75%
Role: Winky Wong
Age: 5 years old
Sallie Harmsen

Nori de Winter

Screen Time: 35%
Role: Maaike
Age: 5 years old


Het Paard van Sinterklaas

Winky's Horse


Rating: 8 (4 votes)
Directed: Mischa Kamp
Country: The Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Genre: Drama, Family


Five-year-old Winky Wong (adorable natural Ebbie Tam) immigrates to the Netherlands with her mother (Han Yi) from China to rejoin her father (Aaron Wan), a restaurant-owner in a quiet Dutch burg. The stresses of learning a new language and fitting in at school are eased when Winky makes friends with an elderly pony owned by her neighbors (Jan Decleir and Betty Schuurman). When Saartje goes to the big pasture in the sky, Winky appeals to Santa Claus for a new horse, with cute results. Debutante helmer Mischa Kamp jerks tears well and gets socko perfs from her younger thesps. Emotionally restrained script gets sugared by Johan Hoogewijs' score, but not too much. Lensing by Lennert Hillege is a riot of warm golden hues.





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