Ulvepigen Tinke

Ulvepigen Tinke
Sarah Juel Werner

Sarah Juel Werner

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Tinke
Age: 9 years old


Ulvepigen Tinke

Little Big Girl (Europe: English title)


Rating: 7.25 (8 votes)
Directed: Morten Køhlert
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Genre: Family


The story takes place in 1850. It’s about a nine-year-old girl called Tinke who is a dirty and hungry little girl. Both of her parents are dead, and she has miraculously survived in the wilds. She meets a shepherd lad, Larus, who gives her milk and bread. Little by little he gains her trust, and he realizes that she would starve if he didn’t help her. Larus takes Tinke back to the farm where he works. The farmer wants to send her to the poorhouse, however, his wife wants to keep Tinke and raise her as the daughter she never had. But Tinke is like a wild animal and hasn’t good manners – and she has other plans, a plan she’s had since her mother’s death. When the mother is on her deathbed, she gives Tinke a valuable necklace and tells her that she is from a very rich family, yet she eloped with Tinke’s father and hasn’t seen her parents since. She tells Tinke that she should use the necklace to find her grandparents … When the farmer finds out that Tinke is from a rich family, he decides to find her grandparents in order to get them to pay for her. The grandparents are found and they take Tinke home, but she has trouble convincing them that she is their grandchild. She lost the necklace by accident …

Movie Reviews

--Little Big Girl

This family-oriented period drama adapts Truffaut's L'Enfant Sauvage to gently moralising effect. Werner is appealing as 'stinky Tinke', a strong-willed, late 19th century seven-year-old who has survived in the woods following the death through illness of her eloped parents - her mother, the daughter of a family of substance, her father a peasant. Credibility is strained watching Tinke transform from a wild child who bites wolves to a teacher-by-example of class- and prejudice-defying values through her relationship with a family (notably the half-witted gentle giant Laurus). But the film's essential decency, warmth, cinematic competence and standard of acting are enough to commend it. WH

Source : Time Out Film Guide 13







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