Alice ou La vie en noir et blanc

Alice ou La vie en noir et blanc
Marie Spapen

Marie Spapen

Screen Time: 100%
Role: Alice
Age: 12 years old


Alice ou La vie en noir et blanc

Rating: 8.14 (7 votes)
Directed: Sophie Schoukens
Country: Belgium
Language: French
Genre: Drama, Short


Alice is poised to fly. A young girl on the threshold of womanhood. But her wings have been clipped. She is trapped. She hovers in childhood, denies her heart and appetite. Her life descends into black and white… Will she find the strength to soar herself into a world of colour? ‘Alice or life in black and white’ talks about the absence of communication, about the walls dividing a family: there’s a complete lack of communication between Alice and both her parents. Nobody sees who she really is. In fact, they don’t see each other. Alice wants to free herself from this rigid familial harness. She revolts and wants to escape the cold-hearted world that surrounds her at any price. Through her glassy attitude, Alice wants to say as much as “I’d prefer to be dead”. And still she is in search of courage to live or a way to survive. Alice manages to liberate herself from her cocoon when she’s in a psychiatric institution. It’s where the butterfly she drew comes to life. Her real life is not in black and white, but in full colour.

Movie Reviews

Scenes in black and white. Alice ou la vie en noir et blanc a belgian short film, directed by Sophie Shoukens tells about Alice and her desease: Anorexia. She weights only 34,5 kilos and rejects every kind of  food: she only pursuits the love of her mother, who actually neglects her and pretends not to see her problems.

The jurors were really moved at the end of the short film, when Alice flies towards a coloured life, realizing that her own energy is the only way to fight her disease.  [Giffoni Festival report]







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