Fait d'hiver

Fait d'hiver
Ellen Van Cutsem

Ellen Van Cutsem

Screen Time: 75%
Role: Little Girl
Age: 4 years old


Fait d'hiver

Gridlock (International: English title)
Rating: 9 (2 votes)
Directed: Dirk Beliƫn
Country: Belgium
Language: Dutch
Genre: Drama, Short


On a cold winter evening a young manager gets stuck in traffic on his way home from work. He takes his brand new cell phone to call his wife, not knowing that by doing so he is about to cause irrepairable damage.

Movie Reviews

This is just a wonderful, charming little film, despite also being dark and at times pretty creepy. I loved the performance of the little girl, not the least reason for which was because I have two sisters around her same age and their cuteness just floors me. It's odd that such a cute little girl would play such an adorable role in a film that includes full frontal (although very, very brief) nudity, as well as the deaths of two people (one of whom is the little girl's mother). Seems like it might have been a little disturbing, but I'm sure they made it a wonderful experience for her.

A man is stuck in traffic on his way home from work, clearly very stressed out from work and, even more, from the horrendous traffic that he is struggling to get through (which I can certainly relate to, living in LA), so he calls home on his car phone and his daughter picks up. He asks if he can talk to mommy, but the little girl says that she is "upstairs with Uncle Wim." He tells her to go tell mommy that he is right outside and will be in in a minute, and of course all sorts of mayhem ensues. Anyway, you know the plot.

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