Fakiren fra Bilbao

Fakiren fra Bilbao (2004) AKA:The Fakir (International: English title)
Julie Zangenberg

Julie Zangenberg

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Emma
Age: 15 years old


Fakiren fra Bilbao

The Fakir (International: English title)


Rating: 8.6 (3 votes)
Directed: Peter Flinth
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Suspense


When two children move into an old house with their mother they find magical mystery involving a lively spirit and a precious diamond.

Movie Reviews

I was lucky enough to see the World Premiere of this brilliant movie about the 13-year old twins, Emma and Tom, who with their mother moves into a spooky-like castle.

The movie was not only spooky, it also had a perfect blend of humor and was exciting and funny all the way to the end. I saw it with my 6-year old daughter who also had a good time, but I will not recommend it for smaller children as it does have many "dark moments" and I even saw adults jump from their chairs!

Emma is played by Julie Zangenberg, who is known from the movie Klatretøsen, which has been a big hit in Denmark as well as in our neighboring countries.

Fakiren fra Bilbao is really well made and should be able to do well internationally also. The premiere in Denmark is set to Christmas 2004. I am sure it will be a Merry Christmas...

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