Line Storesund

Line Storesund

Screen Time: 100%
Role: Siss
Age: 12 years old
Hilde Nyeggen Martinsen

Hilde Nyeggen Martinsen

Screen Time: 80%
Role: Unn
Age: 13 years old



Ice Palace


Rating: 7.04 (26 votes)
Directed: Per Blom
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Mystery


Is-slottet tells the story of the vivacious 11-year-old Siss, living in a rural community in Norway. Her life is changed when the quiet girl Unn moves to the village to live with her aunt after the death of her unmarried mother. Siss and Unn are immediately attracted to each other, and cannot wait to meet. They finally do, in Unn's house. They talk for a while, Unn shows Siss a picture from the family album of her father, then Unn persuades Siss that they should undress, just for fun. They do, watching each other, and Unn asks whether Siss can see if she is different. Siss say no, she can't, and Unn says she has a secret and is afraid she will not go to heaven. Soon they dress again, and the situation is rather awkward. Siss leaves Unn and runs home, overwhelmed by fear of the dark. Unn does not want to feel embarrassed when meeting Siss the next day, so she decides to skip school and instead to go and watch the ice castle that has been created by a nearby waterfall. Ice castles are normal in cold winters, when the water freezes into huge structures around waterfalls. Unn climbs into this ice castle, exploring the rooms baffled by its beauty. In the 7th room she gets disoriented and cannot find the way out. She dies of hypothermia. Her last word is "Siss". When the search for Unn remains fruitless, people wonder if Siss knows anymore about the disappearance than she lets on. They wonder what had passed between them the night before. Siss on her part is overwhelmed by loss and loneliness, and makes a promise that she will never forget Unn. Therefore, Siss takes upon herself the role Unn had: standing alone in the school yard refusing to play or speak. Thus, she has to find her way out of her own emotional ice castle, before she can recommence on the road towards adolescence and adulthood.





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