Grüne Wüste

Grüne Wüste
Tatjana Trieb

Tatjana Trieb

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Katja
Age: 13 years old


Grüne Wüste

The Green Desert (USA) (literal English title)
Rating: 7 (1 votes)
Directed: Anno Saul
Country: Germany
Language: German
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


The green desert is the forest where Katja and Johann live out their daydreams. The forest surrounds their home town and sometimes Katja wishes it would swallow it all up and with it the constraints of her family. Her friendship and love for Johann and their mutual dream to one day excavate a knight and found their own museum give Katja the air to breathe that the confinement of her home threatens to cut off. But this childlike fantasy of a world of chivalry is cruelly invaded by real life when Johann begins to suffer from leukaemia. The Green Desert tells the story of losing one's childhood, of encountering first pain, and of growing up and growing strong.





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