L'Uomo Spezzato

L'Uomo Spezzato
Federica Sbrenna

Federica Sbrenna

Screen Time: 70%
Role: Laura
Age: 14 years old
Giulia Elettra Gorietti

Giulia Elettra Gorietti

Screen Time: 50%
Role: Sara
Age: 16 years old


L'Uomo Spezzato

The Broken Man


Rating: 8 (2 votes)
Directed: Stefano Calvagna
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama


Laura Benussi, 13 years old, is a young girl with a strong personality, bright for her age who will do anything to appear more grown up. She is in love with her art teacher, Stefano Malavesi, a placid agreeable fellow who has a warm and friendly rapport with his pupils. Laura has ambitions to become a velina, Family problems, the daughter of separated parents, living with her mother and her boyfriend. The girl tried to attract the attention of the teacher behaving in a way more suited to a grown woman than an adolescent of her age, but the teacher, realizing what she was up to, sought to adhere to his proper role as teacher. Stefano is a 35 year old married man with a young son (Lorenzo). Living with his wife, Silvia, not an easy-going woman, created more than a few matrimonial difficulties. Mr Malavesi finds in a colleague, Anna, a PE teacher, a confidant in whom he can confide his conjugal problems. Laura, jealous of the rapport between the two teachers, started a rumour about the two teachers having a relationship which Silvia was bound to hear about. This caused a great row in the household. Mr Malvasi knew all about the made-up stories created by the young pupil and pressed Laura to own up which she finally did. However she was not to be stopped. In fact, having been found out and because of the attitude of the man, she plotted revenge. With the help of Sara, a young girl of little character and easily led, they accused Mr Malvasi of a number of sexual molestations. In no time at all, Mr Malvesi found himself embroiled in a huge scandal accused as he was by a torrent of accusations for which there seemed little defence. The press and TV spoke of nothing other than the "teacher and the assaulted pupil". Stefano realised that there was only one way out of this nightmare: to convince Sara to tell the truth. The girl, under pressure from the teacher and the sense of blame she felt for the level that the events had already reached, broke down and confessed the truth of the matter. Everything seemed to be settled and for Stefano to return to a normal life. But he quickly realised that things had irredeemably changed. The glances, the attitude of people was not as before. Despite the passing of several months since his reinstatement in the public eye, his reputation has been ruined. He remains in the eye of the community a depraved paedophile.





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