De Bal

De Bal
Martje Ceulemans

Martje Ceulemans

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Sophia
Age: 11 years old


De Bal

Le Ballon Sorcier (French title), L'ultimo Spazio Verde (Italy), Der Ball (Germany)


Rating: 7.3 (3 votes)
Directed: Danny Deprez
Country: Belgium, The Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Genre: Adventure, Family


Besides the stray dog Mingus, 11 year old Sophia has no real friends. She is pushed around by the "Beastie boys", a gang of street kids who have built an entire camp in the trees of a junk yard. One day Sophia hears that the yard is ordered to be cut down by Carlow, the mayor. Mingus, who lives in the yard, will be taken away and put to sleep. Sophia is shocked but just then she meets a gypsy, who lends her an old leather ball. For five days only. The ball is alive and may just be able to help her saving the yard. And indeed the ball proves being an amazing character. It makes objects fly and communicates with Sophia through whistling, and successfully attacks Carlow's bodyguard "Sweetlove". Sophia is accepted in the gang. She realises that the ball might chase the mayor's men off the yard. Yet, Sophia discovers that even great magic sometimes has dark sides: when Sophia's new friend Romeo tries to kiss her, the ball grows jealous and turns vicious...





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