Domenica Giuliano

Domenica Giuliano

Screen Time: 85%
Role: Domenica
Age: 12 years old



Sunday (International: English title)


Rating: 6.2 (5 votes)
Directed: Wilma Labate
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Genre: Crime, Drama


11-year-old Domenica is of unknown parentage and lives in an orphanage in Naples. A year ago, Domenica was raped. The suspected rapist has leapt to his death following interrogation at police headquarters and Domenica has been asked to identify her alleged assailant. Today is Inspector Sciarra's last day in service. Fatally ill and world-weary, Sciarra doesn't think much of having to take the girl to the morgue and is more than a little reluctant to carry out this particular task. When Domenica manages to slip away from him, the inspector sets off in hot pursuit through the streets of Naples. Finally catching up with her, the unavoidable trip to the morgue must go ahead. The dead man turns out not to have been the man that raped Domenica; moreover, it transpires that the police have long been aware of this fact...

Movie Reviews

A remarkable portrayal of a twelve year old., 17 November 2001

Author: gkearns from IMDb

The character of Domenica, as played by Domenica Giuliano, ranks among the truest portrayals of a twelve year old I've ever seen in any movie. Domenica has lived in an orphanage since her mother left her. She's worldly wise; she's hip; she's loaded with pre-adolescent energy; she's sexual; she's childish; she's adult; she's giving; she's loving; she lies; she's vulnerable; she's tough; she's a survivor; and she's constant in her determination to make a better future for herself than her past has provided for her. In her determination to escape to a better life, she saves her earnings from helping the younger ones at the orphanage, tending children who can't take care of themselves, and running errands. She also skims money from donations to the orphanage she cons from sympathetic people, which she shares with friends from her street gang. The story tells of a dying detective, Sciarra, played by Claudio Amendola, on his last day on the police force, whose final assignment is to accompany the child Domenica to the morgue to identify the corpse of the guy who had raped her some time before. Sciarra is determined to carry out his assignment. Domenica, who has a deep fear of dead people, and has no interest in reliving her rape trauma, is stubborn, charming, skillful, and manipulative as she strives with equal determination to stall the inevitable.

Of course, there is a bonding. But the story of the love that develops between these two lonely people is never cloying. The final parting scene is deeply affecting in its simple tenderness.

Great work by actors Domenica Giuliano and Claudio Amendola and the director Wilma Labate.







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