Für immer und immer

Für Immer und Immer
Lili Bohm

Lili Bohm

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Maria
Age: 7 years old


Für immer und immer



Rating: 8.55 (11 votes)
Directed: Hark Bohm
Country: Germany
Language: German
Genre: Drama, Thriller


Five years ago, the unmarried mother Melanie Brunnhauser had surrendered her daughter Maria to foster parents. Now, she is married and demands the return of Maria, whom she has never seen again since her birth, regardless of the relationship which has built up between the child and her fosterparents in the meantime. She uses toys, sweet talk, a puppy dog and all means possible to manipulate Maria whenever she can be caught off guard. From then on, a nightmarish war begins between the two mothers. A child can easily be manipulated.. or not?





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