The Secret of Roan Inish

The Secret of Roan Inish
Jeni Courtney

Jeni Courtney

Screen Time: 95%
Role: Fiona
Age: 8 years old


The Secret of Roan Inish



Rating: 8.79 (14 votes)
Directed: John Sayles
Country: USA / Ireland
Language: English / Irish Gaelic
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Family


10 year old Fiona is sent to live with her grandparents in a small fishing village in Donegal, Ireland. She soon learns the local legend that an ancestor of hers married a selkie -- a seal who can turn into a human. Years earlier, her baby brother washed out to sea in a cradle, and some think that he is being raised by the seals. Then Fiona catches sight of a naked little boy on the abandoned isle of Roan Inish, and takes a more active role in uncovering the mysteries which abound.





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