Love That Boy

Love That Boy
Ellen Page

Ellen Page

Screen Time: 5%
Role: Suzanna
Age: 15 years old


Love That Boy



Rating: 8 (1 votes)
Directed: Andrea Dorfman
Country: Canada
Language: Engish
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Romance


Phoebe is a sophisticated overachiever, in a world seemingly run by C students. Her life is totally dominated by her "To Do Before Graduation" list. Each day she conquers tasks ranging from picking wild mushrooms to learning how to kayak, until her roommate points out that what Phoebe really needs is a boyfriend. Phoebe immediately adds this to the list and sets right to it. Finding a worthy fella however proves to be a greater challenge than expected. Until that is, the man of her dreams emerges from right under her nose. Frazer however isn't exactly a "man"--he's her 14 year-old neighbour who mows the local lawns. He's young and somewhat immature but so filled with potential that Phoebe is soon smitten. It seems a match made in heaven.





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