L'Amore di Màrja

L'Amore di Màrja
Erika Lepistö

Erika Lepistö

Screen Time: 75%
Role: Alice as a child
Age: 8 years old
Annika Lepistö

Annika Lepistö

Screen Time: 65%
Role: Sonia as a child
Age: 7 years old
Sara Filizzola Hartmann

Sara Filizzola Hartmann

Screen Time: 20%
Role: Sonia
Age: 14 years old


L'Amore di Màrja

Favole di Alice, Le (Italy) (working title)


Rating: 8.7 (4 votes)
Directed: Anne Riitta Ciccone
Country: Italy
Language: Italian, Finnish
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Historical


Having spent the 1970s living in a happy commune in Finland, Marja and her Italian husband Fortunato have just moved to Sicily with their two children. Fortunato feels it is time to leave the happy-go-lucky hippie years behind and grow up, whereas for Marja, peace and love are still living values which she doesn’t want to give up. The lifestyle of the Finnish child of nature causes problems in conservative Italy, and eventually the disapproval of the little village’s inhabitants forces Marja to change.

Movie Reviews

An autobiographical film by the Finnish Italian Anne Riitta Ciccone, L’amore di Marja is a rough and unsparing depiction of how difficult marriages between people from different cultures can be. The film also takes a look at how a woman’s love for her husband and children can force her to make great sacrifices. Marja endures the shattering of her own dreams in order to preserve the welfare of her family. Dedicated to Ciccone’s mother, the film can, at the same time, be considered an analysis of the director’s own childhood and identity.

The charming little girls are played by Annika and Erika Lepistö, the daughters of Pertti Lepistö, a Finnish journalist living in Rome, while the girls’ Finnish grandmother is played by Marja Leena Kouki.







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