Mon père, ce héros.

Mon père, ce héros.
Marie Gillain

Marie Gillain

Screen Time: 90%
Role: Véronique "Véro" Arnel
Age: 15 years old


Mon père, ce héros.

My Father the Hero


Rating: 9 (3 votes)
Directed: Gérard Lauzier
Country: France
Language: French
Genre: Comedy, Coming of Age


Veronique [Marie Gillain], living with her divorced mother, is going on easter's holiday to Mauritius with her father [Gerard Depardieu]. To impress a nice looking boy, Benjamin [Patrick Mille], she manages to complicate the situation several times because she makes up a story where her father is presented as her lover, and in addition he is a hero and secret agent, but with somewhat criminal past.

Movie Reviews

Another little French movie worth seeing, 5 August 2000

Author: figarok from IMDb

"Mon père ce héros" is a quote of Victor Hugo, the most famous French poet of all time. And although the movie is very realistic, kind of true-to-life situation, it is full of poetry. It shows one more time that Love is a big awkward thing for everyone. It is a very nice comedy, rather funny and moving. The movie helps to realize the gap existing between a father and a 14-year-old teenager. All the actors (not only Depardieu And Marie Gillain) are sincere while the main subject is "lies" !! I deeply recommend you to see this film and not its remake - a bit too tasteless (actually the dialogs are exactly the same). However, if you want to spend a good time in front of your telly, I believe Mon père ce Héros to be the perfect choice.







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