Fanny Bernth

Fanny Bernth

Screen Time: 100%
Role: Katja
Age: 9 years old
Mirko Casaburo

Mirko Casaburo

Screen Time: 45%
Role: Carlo
Age: 6 years old



Katja und der Falke (Germany), Katja's Adventure (International: English title), Le Ali di Katja (Italy)


Rating: 7 (1 votes)
Directed: Lars Hesselholdt
Country: Denmark, Italy
Language: Danish, Italian
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family


With busy parents, nine-year-old Katja is left to her own devices. She devotes most of her time to birds. One day during a thunderstorm she rescues a rare falcon chick and seeks shelter in the back of a lorry. She drops off to sleep and wakes up to find herself in a faraway foreign sea-side town, where her adventures begin for real. While she is exploring the town, the falcon chick flies off on his own, and Katja now has her work cut out; one of the foreigners she encounters is also a passionate bird lover, but he is a taxidermist! Katja must save Kiik come what may. Fortunately she makes friends with four brothers who are full of pranks and mischief. In no time at all they set about helping Katja, the Danish bird girl.

Movie Reviews

Lars Hesselholdt's picaresque Danish film is one of those rare children's movies that will appeal to both grown-ups and kids, with interesting multilayered characters--even the secondary characters are warm and compelling. Hesselholdt and cowriters Pascal Lonhay and Tina Rud Mogensen have a light touch, allowing events to arise out of their characters rather than imposing a plot, which makes Katja's improbable adventures seem almost natural. Marco Pontecorvo's relaxed cinematography makes scenes that must have been carefully planned and executed (like the children's complicated adventures among the medieval lanes and squares) look highly spontaneous. 85 min. (Jack Helbig)







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